Small Bites

All recipes have been tested by the KimSuné test kitchens unless otherwise noted.


Almond Orange Blossom Cakes

These delicate tender cakes–bright with citrus–come together in about 30 minutes. As always, especially with baking, it’s best to gather and prep the ingredients ahead of time. Orange and lemon...

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Featured image for “Cauliflower Kimchi Dip”

Cauliflower Kimchi Dip

This baked cauliflower dish gets depth from caramelized kimchi and zing from a vinegar-based “wing” sauce such as Frank’s or Texas Pete plus just enough cream cheese to bring it...

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Featured image for “Easy Soft Pretzels”

Easy Soft Pretzels

If you love a soft pretzel with its crusty exterior and chewy center but aren’t in the mood for a full-on made-from-scratch version, here’s an easy option using fresh pizza...

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Featured image for “Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookies”

Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookies

As if classic thumbprints needed a boost, here’s a version with the addition of cream cheese for a tangy rich cookie filled with your favorite jam flavors, including apricot, raspberry,...

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Featured image for “Cereal Toffee Crunch Cookies”

Cereal Toffee Crunch Cookies

These cookies—crunchy and both sweet and savory, with lots of texture and depth—balance “healthful” morning cereal with toffee-laden candy. In my early twenties, living and teaching in Sweden, I fell...

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Featured image for “Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Squash with Brown Butter and Crispy Sage”

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Squash with Brown Butter and Crispy Sage

Brussels sprouts on thick burgeoning branches have been popping up at local farmers markets, accompanied by oohs and ahhs as well as puzzled looks as to what to do with...

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Featured image for “Focaccia with Summer Squash and Olives”

Focaccia with Summer Squash and Olives

There’s nothing like thick sheets of salty warm focaccia, similar in texture to pizza dough, but slightly thicker and misshapen in the best possible way. Often served as a side...

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Featured image for “Dirty clams need a cornmeal bath”

Dirty clams need a cornmeal bath

It’s clamming season and whether you like to dig for the mollusks yourself or buy them from a local fishmonger, both razors and littlenecks, cooked with minimal fuss is the...

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