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Focaccia with Summer Squash and Olives

There’s nothing like thick sheets of salty warm focaccia, similar in texture to pizza dough, but slightly thicker and misshapen in the best possible way. Often served as a side...

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Savory Spring Tart with Lemon Ricotta

If you’re drawn to the idea of a spring quiche or savory tart but find it daunting to make, here is a streamlined way to celebrate the season. Bake up...

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Rainbow Eggs and Toasted Pita Salad

In homage to spring, here’s a colorful salad of eggs lightly pickled with turmeric and beet and tossed with toasted flatbread, such as pita or naan. Consider doubling the batch...

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Savory Tomato Galette

A no-fuss, open-faced tart, the galette is a blank canvas for both sweet and savory cravings. Late-summer tomatoes really shine here with cheese and garlic-laced mayo. Use this as a base recipe and...

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Featured image for “Summer Squash Confit with Lemon and Garlic”

Summer Squash Confit with Lemon and Garlic

This time of year, I go a little crazy at the farmers’ markets and this past week has been no different, including picking up three types of summer squash. Ridged Italian Costata...

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Grilled Shrimp

My friend, Joe, who has a particularly intense job often comes over and helps me prep and cook; the rhythm of the kitchen with its chopping and sautéeing, mixing and...

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Sour Cherry Compote

I always make this compote every August after picking cherries. If possible, make extra to share with friends and some to freeze for bites of summer when winter comes. Try...

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Matzo Farfel Pudding

I once found myself tête-à-tête at Palena Restaurant in DC with the lovely and knowledgeable award-winning author, Joan Nathan, who was working on her book, The New American Cooking, at the time. Her books...

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