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French Crêpes

Winter holiday season is often a time when you need a few quick and easy recipes for anytime-snacking. Enter the crêpe, one of France’s beloved street foods. The savory version, originally from...

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Sheet-Pan Roasted Chicken with Flatbread

This oven-roasted chicken makes the best of chicken thighs, marinated in warming spices, including turmeric and cinnamon, paprika and cumin. It’s a one sheet-pan kind of meal and perfect for...

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Bulgogi Meatballs

These tender, juicy meatballs with hints of ginger, soy, and garlic make for an easy weeknight dinner or a stand-and-snack appetizer for weekend guests. You can form them into patties for...

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Plum Parsley Salad

Here’s another mouthwatering recipe from Chadwick Boyd, who also kindly shared with us his Charred Brussels Sprouts with Orange Miso Glaze. Of this refreshing combination of stone fruit and herbs, Chadwick says:  “Stone fruit is...

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Matzo Farfel Pudding

I once found myself tête-à-tête at Palena Restaurant in DC with the lovely and knowledgeable award-winning author, Joan Nathan, who was working on her book, The New American Cooking, at the time. Her books...

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Avocado Papaya Salad

This salad is a combination of Caribbean influences and Mexican flavors inspired from my travels to both parts of the world. Creamy avocado and papaya come to life with fresh...

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Featured image for “Frank Brigtsen’s New Orleans BBQ Shrimp”

Frank Brigtsen’s New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

Chef Frank Brigtsen is one of the nicest chefs I know and his food bursts with true New Orleans flavor. Frank, a recipient of numerous awards, including a James Beard Foundation Humanitarian...

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Featured image for “American Kobe Beef Poke Recipe”

American Kobe Beef Poke Recipe

Recipe kindly shared by Chef Tylun Pang, Ko Restaurant. Photo by Kim Sunée for Poke, Hawaiian for “to slice or cut,” usually consists of raw fish with soy sauce,...

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