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Spiced Earl Grey Cranberry Sauce

NOTE: I’m reposting this from last holiday–it’s a favorite for the holiday table and a great gift for guests. As much as I have a place in my heart (and...

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Almond Grape Cake with Lemon Cream

Sweet, plump grapes shine in this almond-laced snacking cake that packs up well for school lunches, hiking, and camping. Slice grapes in half for the batter and keep some for...

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Chile con carne

No beans, no tomatoes, no fillers. Not quite a stew or a soup. Simply, this is an addictive “bowl of red” inspired by the kitchens of New Mexico and Texas, with deep...

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Featured image for “Spicy Coconut Black-Eyed Peas”

Spicy Coconut Black-Eyed Peas

NOTE: This was originally posted in 2014, but updated for this New Year. With a New Year to start in just a few days, I was thinking of some of...

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Featured image for “Italian Ricotta Cookies”

Italian Ricotta Cookies

I got a version of this traditional recipe from a friend of a friend of a friend of the original yet elusive Mama Romano. Whether a true Mama Romano exists behind...

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Featured image for “Fall Hummus Bowls”

Fall Hummus Bowls

Hummus, the go-to dip of chickpeas blended with sesame seed paste, lemon and garlic, is often so hit-or-miss I stopped eating it for a long time. But during the past...

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Featured image for “Apple Doughnut Muffins”

Apple Doughnut Muffins

Behind every neighborhood apple tree is a lover with big ideas. Apple butter. Long-simmered cider. Tender hand pies. Crabapple-ginger cake. Apples are as much at ease with savory flavors as they...

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Featured image for “Crispy Chicken with Morels, Sherry and Cream”

Crispy Chicken with Morels, Sherry and Cream

Last summer seemed endless with the ongoing wildfires throughout the West Coast and the PNW and Alaska, but out of the ashes rose morel mushrooms, a delicacy that in other parts...

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