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Sour Cream Pumpkin Pancakes

Even after I’ve fed a crowd of twenty or so (like most Thanksgiving meals) and packed up goodie bags for all my guests, I still seem to have an abundance...

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Pumpkin Sour Cream Maple Muffins

These muffins get their deep color from pumpkin (or sweet potato) and golden turmeric and a bit of sweetness from maple syrup. For a slightly sweeter* muffin, add 1 to 2...

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Paprika Oven Fries

This recipe for paprika oven fries, inspired by the beloved British chef Yotam Ottolenghi, is deceptive in its simplicity as it offers an explosion of texture and flavor. There’s something satisfying...

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Plum Parsley Salad

Here’s another mouthwatering recipe from Chadwick Boyd, who also kindly shared with us his Charred Brussels Sprouts with Orange Miso Glaze. Of this refreshing combination of stone fruit and herbs, Chadwick says:  “Stone fruit is...

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Bacon-Onion Jam

If you haven’t already tried bacon jam, here’s a go-to condiment that you can make ahead, keep in the refrigerator, and pull out at the last minute to add richness...

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Matzo Farfel Pudding

I once found myself tête-à-tête at Palena Restaurant in DC with the lovely and knowledgeable award-winning author, Joan Nathan, who was working on her book, The New American Cooking, at the time. Her books...

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Spicy Sweet Sambal (Chile Sauce)

This sambal, a sweet and spicy Malaysian-inspired condiment, reminds me of some of my favorite Southern U.S. hot pepper jellies. I’ve added makrut lime leaf (you could use fresh lime zest...

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Avocado Papaya Salad

This salad is a combination of Caribbean influences and Mexican flavors inspired from my travels to both parts of the world. Creamy avocado and papaya come to life with fresh...

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