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Spicy Crispy Tofu Bowls

I don’t cook tofu very often, but when I do, I prefer it with bold flavors and sometimes crisped up around the edges. The key to crunchy-edged tofu is to...

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Spicy Coconut Black-Eyed Peas

NOTE: This was originally posted in 2014, but updated for this New Year. With a New Year to start in just a few days, I was thinking of some of...

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Fall Hummus Bowls

Hummus, the go-to dip of chickpeas blended with sesame seed paste, lemon and garlic, is often so hit-or-miss I stopped eating it for a long time. But during the past...

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Golden Braised Green Beans

I always feel a little frantic at the end of summer, making the most of preserving, pickling, and rushing to put up of all sorts of late-summer fruit and vegetables...

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Featured image for “Savory Tomato Galette”

Savory Tomato Galette

A no-fuss, open-faced tart, the galette is a blank canvas for both sweet and savory cravings. Late-summer tomatoes really shine here with cheese and garlic-laced mayo. Use this as a base recipe and...

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Featured image for “Summer Squash Confit with Lemon and Garlic”

Summer Squash Confit with Lemon and Garlic

This time of year, I go a little crazy at the farmers’ markets and this past week has been no different, including picking up three types of summer squash. Ridged Italian Costata...

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Pantry Pasta

It’s pre-dinner cocktail time and if you’re like many of us–toasting your friends virtually with a Quarantini–it’s also a good time to cook “together.”  Since we are hunkering down and...

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Featured image for “Winter Citrus Couscous Salad”

Winter Citrus Couscous Salad

This make-ahead salad is easy to transport—think desk lunch or post-workout snack. Feel free to add your favorite vegetables, fruit, and nuts. In season, make the most of citrus, pomegranate, and dried...

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