Desserts & Something Sweet

All recipes have been tested by the KimSuné test kitchens unless otherwise noted.

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Easy Caramel Pantry Pie

For thoughtful cooks and hosts, it’s easy to bite off more than we can chew during the holidays. For weeks ahead of time, I keep a list of guests and...

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Triple Berry Pudding

We’re in full currant and blueberry season, and raspberry bushes are bursting and ripe for the picking. I love this simple late-summer dessert that features fruit and bread molded into...

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French Crêpes

Winter holiday season is often a time when you need a few quick and easy recipes for anytime-snacking. Enter the crêpe, one of France’s beloved street foods. The savory version, originally from...

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Featured image for “Key Lime Pie: A Mouthful of Stars”

Key Lime Pie: A Mouthful of Stars

There’s something dizzying and delightful about grating enough citrus zest so that its heady scent fills up the entire kitchen with a pleasant punch, the taste buds standing at attention....

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Featured image for “Sour Cherry Compote”

Sour Cherry Compote

I always make this compote every August after picking cherries. If possible, make extra to share with friends and some to freeze for bites of summer when winter comes. Try...

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Featured image for “Chocolate Chip Banana Bread”

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I used to have banana bread envy; every time I tasted someone’s homemade banana bread I would always wish mine were as moist, as delicious, or as banana-y.  I’ve tried...

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Featured image for “Peaches Poached in Lillet Blanc”

Peaches Poached in Lillet Blanc

When I lived in Provence, we used to pick pêches de vignes, a rare fuzzy heirloom variety of peach, direct from our trees; they are delicate in flavor with lovely blush...

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