Never enough poetry, or happiness for that matter

by Kim Sunée • October 5, 2012

A friend of mine is at Harvard on a Nieman Fellowship and just texted this morning that he is on a field trip, en route to New Hampshire to visit with the great poet, Donald Hall. And all he can think about “is reading poetry.” I like being reminded mid-morning that we don’t read enough poetry and so here is a poem for the day, by Jane Kenyon, on that elusive thing called happiness.

On a side note, I vote for more field trips (for students all ages) to visit poets or to just find a moment during the day to read poetry.  If you had a day to read poetry, what would you choose?

“New Hampshire in autumn, at the edge of Don Hall’s farm” via Instagram photo by Brett Anderson.

  1. What a lovely gift that poem is, Kim. I could read it quite a few times (when there is enough time to read poetry). I just received a copy of “The Hungry Ear” edited by Kevin Young, all poems about food and drink. You’d like it.

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