I Am Not Your Exotic: An Essay

by Kim Sunée • June 1, 2021

I am grateful to David Leite and Renee Schettler of Leite’s Culinaria for inviting me to write this piece. A difficult topic, but worth the emotional journey for me.  Thank you for reading….

With the recent and appalling increase in violence toward those of Asian backgrounds, we reached out to Kim Sunée, a writer whose words and way of seeing the world we have long appreciated, to inquire if she would share with us her experience of this challenging time. This is what she so beautifully wrote. 

  1. Dear Kim,
    For some reason my computer won’t open what you wrote by the link. As a Nissei I want to read this very much. Is there any way you can forward it via email? In case so my address is kiejsmom@gmail.com.
    thank you,
    in solidarity and thanks,


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