Just Steer Me Home: A letter on the closing of Cottage Living

A note from a friend of mine on the closing of Cottage Living. Dear Little Sweet Pea: I heard the bad news early on: The Old Girl fell over and died. Let me say that I was sorry to hear it…You were there from the start…so I can only guess that it is a watershed moment for ...

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The last days of Cottage Living

Cottage Living Staff

Someone sent me this link to Urban Grace Interiors. And I’ve received many emails about the closing of Cottage Living magazine. Yes, it’s sad. Yes, it seems to be true. We are closing our pages. It’s been a remarkable journey. I have been fortunate to work with a talented and passionate group of people who have continued ...

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San Francisco Treats, cont’d: Zeitgeist, Bi-Rite, Delfina, and the Berkeley Farmers’ Market

Fennel Berkeley Farmers' Market

It’s been 2 days of non-stop dining in San Francisco which included an ice cream tasting (salted caramel, lavender honey) at Bi-Rite Creamery by owner Sam (one of the most passionate and exuberant people I’ve met in a long time), pizza at Delfina, meeting the Tamale Lady at Zeitgeist, BBQ and Sake with Bob at ...

(Includes a recipe for Fennel Salad)

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San Francisco Treats: Bacon Donuts and Kyoto Iced Coffee

bacon donut

Day 1 continued: Julio, Thayer, and I are still tasting San Francisco, but took a break at Blue Bottle Cafe where Aaron showed us the art of the Kyoto Drip (photo below). It’s stunning to watch and even better to taste. The choice of single-origin Mexican beans enriched this coffee with deep undertones of chocolate. ...

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San Francisco: Breakfast at Boulette’s

citrus eggs

Eggs with Buddha’s Hand Zest at Boulette’s Larder, San Francisco I never have time for breakfast. For me, it’s one of those meals best taken on vacation when someone else can serve it to you, preferably on a terrace overlooking the sea, or in bed after a late-night romp. But, when I’m in San Francisco, one ...

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Happy Obama Day Jelly Beans

Happy Obama Day Jelly Beans

Something sweet to savor in San Francisco at Miette…

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Local Flavor: New Orleans: Recipe for Tres Leches Cake from Riomar


One of my favorite sweet treats is the tres leches cake at Riomar Restaurant in New Orleans. This pure indulgence is easy, decadent, and rich with coconut. Watch Chef Adolfo Garcia make tres leches. If you want to save time, use your favorite store-bought sponge cake.

(Includes a recipe for Adolfo Garcia's Tres Leches Cake)

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Halloween Candy

Kim's Halloween Candy

As a child, my plastic pumpkin was always still full the following Halloween. Perhaps this explains my fondness for savory over sweet. This is what I could round up from my office candy pool at Cottage Living–Korean ginseng candy, Korean pumpkin and sweet potato candy chews(from my trip to Seoul back in May), and French ...

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Recipe: Coconut Sticky Rice with Persimmon


I promised some friends that I would make Thai Sticky Rice with Mango this weekend. Since I wasn’t able to find fresh, sweet mango I decided to slice ripe persimmons for this version.

(Includes a recipe for Sticky Rice with Persimmon)

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Local Flavor: Hot and Hot Fish Club


I love to sit at the open counter here and watch recent James Beard nominee, Chris Hastings, and his talented chefs, Chris Zapalowski (formerly of Emeril’s and Peristyle in New Orleans), and Bill Schleusner (of Cafe Boulud) cook up everything from Henry Fudge’s pork trio to Shrimp and Grits. For a voluptuous dessert, they now ...

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Recipe: Pozole Rojo: Hominy Stew with Red Chile

pozole with radish

Last week, I bought a bag of dried white hominy at the market in Zihuatanejo. It was about 25°C and all I really wanted to do was swim in the ocean and drink a refreshing cucumber mojito. But now, with the cooler days of fall, I dream of long-simmered stews, and am craving hearty Mexican ...

(Includes a recipe for Pozole Rojo (Hominy Stew with Red Chile))

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Jitlada Thai Restaurant, L.A.


Watch Jazz of Jitlada, in Thai Town, on the border of L.A.’s Little Armenia, show me how to make Chicken Coconut Soup. Jitlada is one of the best Thai food restaurants I’ve been to in a long time. Jazz, co-owner with her brother Tui, welcomed me by first reading my palm: “You are going to be ...

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Wishing You Were Here…Photo Album from Zihuatanejo, Mexico

la fonda irma

October morning at the Paseo del Pescador in Zihuatanejo where locals come for fish fresh from the catch. Mexican Langosta La Fonda Irma, a loncheria, at the mercado–the place for a counter lunch of mole, chiles rellenos, hot corn tortillas and salsa picante. I’ve been craving agua sandia (fresh watermelon juice) and finally found it here, along with ...

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New York

Whenever I tell my friends to meet me at Fatty Crab, they’re either really into it or twist up their noses (usually not my best friends). I know people who say they’ve had a mediocre meal here and frankly, I feel sorry for them. If you’re open and ready to be transported, settle in for ...

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Local Flavor and the Rockettes

adolfo and rockettes

I’m teaming up with cottage living and myrecipes.com on a new series called Local Flavor with Kim Sunee. Click here to watch a Sneak Preview. The series will be available every Thursday at myrecipes.com

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man on wire

This James Marsh documentary opened in July in NYC about Philippe Petit, the French funambulist, who walked across the Twin Towers in 1974. It’s an extraordinary account of one man’s passion as well as the birth and life of the towers…Hopefully, it’s coming to a theatre near you. Click here to watch the trailer.

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Meet Timmy the Shrimper and Scott Jones


Scott Jones, the Executive Foods Editor for Southern Living magazine offers a look into the life of third-generation Cajun shrimper, Timmy Cheramie. For more on why we should be supporting shrimpers like Timmy, go to Wild American Shimp. You can also check out Timmy’s shrimp recipes and more on myrecipes.com Read Scott’s story and See the ...

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Plum Gelato for a Sprained Ankle


This was the last day of a week-long visit and photo shoot in Florence. I lost my voice and sprained my ankle. Luckily, Antonio, of Carabe gelateria quickly scooped out some plum gelato to help the swelling.

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KBS Documentary

Thanks to Hongseok (Angel) “Roy” Ro for his hard work on making a lovely documentary about my return journey to South Korea. And to Mike for the translation. Thank you… Sunée Nunna

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Photo Album Korea

preserved crab

It’s the season for fresh raw crab preserved in soy sauce. Not to be confused with busters or soft shells–the shell stays hard but you suck and out oozes gorgeous raw crab jelly. It’s a labor of love to make this recipe, but is completely addictive. Green Tea Dusted Rice “Toast” with corn sweet potato salad Shrimp ...

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