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Eating L.A.: Osteria Mozza, Street Food and more…

Osteria Mozza, L.A.

Here are some quick tasting notes from a few days spent in L.A.: At Susan Feniger’s Street, I discovered a new (to me) hangover remedy–Singapore-style–Toast spread with thick Kaya (coconut) jam that you dip into runny egg yolk drizzled with soy sauce. Author Pat Tanumihardja is working on a Kaya recipe to share but sent this ...

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Red Beans and Rice: Because it’s always Monday somewhere…

smoked hocks

My friend, writer and roadster, Pableaux Johnson, recently offered up a taste of my childhood to me in Florida where I was teaching a writing workshop. He pulled up with pressure cooker, rice, red beans, and Jacob’s andouille in his travel kit. In exchange for a walk on the beach and a peach bellini, my ...

(Includes a recipe for Uncle Kerry's Monday Red Beans & Rice)

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King’s Donuts and Molasses Milkshakes in Cambridge, NY

James King's Molasses Milkshake

This is the best early morning street food I had all summer while in upstate NY visiting friends, Charlie Burd and Suvir Saran, at their American Masala Farm. I wrote about King’s Donuts in Cambridge, NY a few posts ago but have since returned and wanted to share a few more photos: James King, donut maker extraordinaire, ...

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Neglected Bananas and Other Misdemeanors

apricot-banana bread

I’ve been testing recipes for a cookbook in North Carolina and have basically been tasting and not really eating much else other than what I need to test (gravies, BBQ sauces, and lots of fried birds). I had bought some bananas a few weeks ago—the perfectly freckled ones I love–but never got to them and…

(Includes a recipe for Neglected Bananas Bread)

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FOODBUZZ 24,24,24: American Masala Farm Feast

a bevy of peppers

“Indian food is not about drama or hidden recipes within recipes.  It’s all about spices, added at different times during the cooking process, which add layers of complex flavors.” -Chef Suvir Saran When Foodbuzz asked Featured Publishers for submissions for the August 24, 24, 24 Event, I was on my way to see friends at American ...

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Lake Placid and Salty Dogs

Bedroom view in Lake Placid

I spent a few days visiting Sara Foster and her husband, Peter Sellers, at their home in Lake Placid. We do what we always do when we get together–eat and drink and make up recipes. (Sara used to be our contributing food editor at Cottage Living magazine and owns 2 markets, in Chapel Hill and ...

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La Pissaladière, Mon Amour


This beautiful sticky onion treat always brings me back to my student days at the University of Nice. I rented an apartment with a Swede, a Dane, and a German–all guys with big appetites who took turns cooking…mashed potatoes, jars of pickled herring, and more potatoes with mustard or other condiments. I grew up on ...

(Includes a recipe for La Pissaladière)

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The Donut King, Cambridge, NY Street Food

chocolate cream donuts

Street Food is alive and well in Cambridge, NY. Every Saturday and Sunday, James King (pilot and donut maker extraordinaire) sells out of his hot handmade donuts, including apple beignets, plum-filled beauties, twists, and simple glazed. As for donuts: I had my first Krispy Kreme just a few years ago. I have several friends who are Krispy ...

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Au Revoir American Masala

white peaches poached in Lillet Blanc

Am leaving the farm and decided to poach some peaches in Lillet Blanc to leave as a gift to my amazing and generous hosts, Charlie and Suvir. This recipe is the first in TRAIL OF CRUMBS. I love the pairing of Lillet Blanc with fresh lemon verbena. Basil or lemon thyme would be just as ...

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Farm Fresh

buckwheat crepe with creme fraiche, goat cheese and guinea hen eggs

I’m visiting Chef Suvir Saranand his partner, Charlie at their American Masala farm in upstate NY. Suvir has left for a few days, so I’ve been cooking for Charlie, including penne all puttanesca, spaghetti alla carbonara, Indian-spiced rice, doughnuts filled with creme fraiche and blueberries, and this morning…Organic Buckwheat crepes with Charlie’s guinea hen eggs.

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Book Signing at Sundog Books, Seaside, FL

The folks at Sundog Books in Seaside, FL were lovely to invite me to sign copies of TRAIL OF CRUMBS this Thursday June 25th starting at 10:30 a.m. Please come by and say hello.

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I Dream of Rasika: Washington, DC

Gulab Jamun

I woke up dreaming of Gulab Jamun, a delicious North Indian sweet of fried dough soaked in condensed milk and flavored with rosewater from Rasika in Washington DC, where gulab jamun is served with cardamom-spiced ice cream. Lesson learned: When the maitre d’hotel lovingly offers a dessert sampler, say yes, even if you’ve already had ...

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WINNERS of the Hachette Book Giveaway

Hachette Book Giveaway

Choosing only 5 winners for the Hachette Book Giveaway for Asian Heritage Month was a really difficult decision since the food memories were at turns funny, poignant, and heartfelt. The judges at kimsunee.com finally decided on 5 winners (see entries below). And a few runners-up who will receive a signed paperback edition of Trail of Crumbs: ...

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Sergio, the Montreal Bagel Maker, St. Viateur’s, Canada

Sergio making bagels at St. Viateur's in Montreal, Canada

Meet the hardest working man in the bagel business. At St. Viateur’s in Montreal, Sergio shows me how he makes bagels, boiling the dough in honey water so the sesame seeds will stick. “We make up to 500,000 a day.” Watch the video

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French Kids and Food: la joie totale

pain au chocolat

See more photos and become a fan on the Trail of Crumbs Facebook fan page

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3 Days Left to Win Free Books: Hachette Book Group Giveaway: Asian Heritage Month

Hachette Book Giveaway

Free Summer Reading. My publisher, Hachette Book Group, is celebrating Asian Heritage Month by offering numerous book giveaways. Here, at kimsunee.com, 5 winners will receive a package of all 5 books. Contest rules below. Winners receive: Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee Trail of Crumbs By Kim Sunée The Fortune Cookie Chronicles By Jennifer Lee Transparency By Frances Hwang Strangers ...

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Tandoori-Inspired Spicy Grilled Chicken Thighs and Legs; Rasika Restaurant Washington, DC


I started out this morning craving the flavors of India. Maybe I was still dreaming of a recent meal at Rasika in Washington, DC. From the house-candied ginger Champagne Cocktails to the English Peas and Cabbage with mustard seeds to the last fragrant bite of saffron panna cotta, my palate was alive and happy. In my ...

(Includes a recipe for Spicy Grilled Chicken Thighs & Legs)

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Friday morning cocktail testing: Prosecco and Rose


Is it too early to test cocktails? It’s 5 p.m. in Paris… I brought back this confit of rose petals–subtly sweet and fragrant–from Montreal. Stir a tablespoon or two into a glass of chilled bubbly…and garnish with a rose petal. What’s your favorite summer cocktail?

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