Boozy Drinks

Orange Blossom Sugared Cranberries

Orange Blossom Sugared Cranberries -
I love coming across recipes for new ways to feature fresh cranberries.  This one, by food blogger, Cozy Delicious posted on Food52, is one of my favorite ways to serve cranberries.  A fragrant overnight soak in orange blossom water and…

Limeade with Mint and Basil

Limeade with Mint and Basil -
This limeade, inspired from a Nimbu Pani (Indian spiced lemonade) recipe I posted for Sukhi’s, is refreshing on a hot summer day.  Rim the glass with flake salt (and, if you’re feeling adventurous, a few toasted and ground…

Candil: Colombian Hot Rum Milk

Candil: Colombian Hot Rum Milk -
“Inspired home cook, Martha Martinez, showed me a few of her favourite Colombian dishes, including this holiday drink.  Martha swears by this, if you have a cold or feel one coming on, as the curative remedy of choice. She also…