Roy, KBS Documentary, and a send-off to Seoul

send-off catie and roy

I apologize for being a bit late on my promise to write about this return journey to Seoul… Roy (right), the director of a Korean documentary series called “Scenes of Life” for the Korean network KBS flew into Birmingham to document my return journey to South Korea. His show has helped many Korean adoptees find their ...

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South Korea and Hong Kong…

All of this is happening very quickly, but I’m going back to Seoul this Sunday May 4th. Originally, I was going to check out the markets, restaurants, and street food of my birth country but now my Korean publisher, Minumsa, will be publishing the Korean edition of Trail of Crumbs May 9th. I’m also going ...

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Back in NC

tortas sign

I just got back from a book tour in NC. First, an event at Nancy Olson’s wonderful gem of a bookstore, Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, and then an event with Sara Foster and Bill Smith (of Crook’s Corner) at Foster’s Market in Chapel Hill. Sara and Bill transformed the recipes from Trail of Crumbs ...

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The Umstead Hotel in North Carolina

sugar trail

This is a lovely place to stay and relax in Cary, NC, especially if it’s your birthday and you’re on book tour at the nearby Quail Ridge Books and Music Thanks to Pastry Chef Daniel Benjamin for a gorgeous birthday surprise.

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My Miami Vices

media noche

Media Noche sandwiches and Café Con Leche at Puerto Sagua… What’s in a media noche? Pernil (slow roasted pork shoulder), sliced ham, yellow mustard, Swiss cheese, thinly sliced pickles, and butter pressed between two slices of sweet egg bread. No mayonesa! and media noche sandwiches

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Tacos y BBQ in North Carolina

la vaquita spread

I’m in Chapel Hill for the Orange County Literacy Benefit, a dedicated group of people who oragnized a first annual Writers for Readers Series. Along with Patricia Marx, Roy Blount, Jr. and Sally Bedell-Smith with Daniel Wallace hosting, I was happy to be invited. They’re all much funnier than I am, but it was an ...

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King of Cakes

king cake baby

I’ll always choose salty over sweet and probably hot over sour, but my friend Catie makes the best lemony sugar-topped king cake. Two days before Mardi Gras, she made one and I smuggled half of it into New Orleans to share with other king cake lovers. I loved les galettes des rois when I lived ...

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Agretti and fishmongers


I’ve been meaning to write about this green mineraly herb/vegetable I tasted in Siena last spring. It was sauteed and drizzled with a spicy olive oil made by Gianni Brunelli (who also makes wonderful Brunello di Montalcino). When I asked Frances Mayes about my new vegetable love, she wrote: Ah, you discovered agretti!! Some people say ...

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at the acme, dawlin’

karl and herman acme

I’ve just landed in New Orleans and am making a quick stop at the Acme Oyster House on the way in from the airport for Oysters on the half shell and a few (dozen) chargrilled….Even though I devoured dozens of Totten Virginicas at Grand Central Oyster Bar during several recent trips to NYC, there’s nothing ...

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I’ve sent many emails to friends about where and what to eat in Paris, so I’ve decided to post it here. (I lived in Paris and Provence for ten years before moving back to the States.) Please note dates and if you have visited one of these places more recently, I’d love to hear an ...

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A 4-Taco Day in Paso and L.A.


Squash Blossoms and Siamese Figs at the Hollywood Farmers Market early Sunday. My friend, Sara Foster, and I were shopping for our Cottage Living photo shoot in Paso Robles last week. We were so full (we had had dinner at The Hungry Cat the night before where we feasted on raw oysters and clams, ...

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