King’s Donuts and Molasses Milkshakes in Cambridge, NY

James King's Molasses Milkshake

This is the best early morning street food I had all summer while in upstate NY visiting friends, Charlie Burd and Suvir Saran, at their American Masala Farm. I wrote about King’s Donuts in Cambridge, NY a few posts ago but have since returned and wanted to share a few more photos: James King, donut maker extraordinaire, ...

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Lake Placid and Salty Dogs

Bedroom view in Lake Placid

I spent a few days visiting Sara Foster and her husband, Peter Sellers, at their home in Lake Placid. We do what we always do when we get together–eat and drink and make up recipes. (Sara used to be our contributing food editor at Cottage Living magazine and owns 2 markets, in Chapel Hill and ...

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The Donut King, Cambridge, NY Street Food

chocolate cream donuts

Street Food is alive and well in Cambridge, NY. Every Saturday and Sunday, James King (pilot and donut maker extraordinaire) sells out of his hot handmade donuts, including apple beignets, plum-filled beauties, twists, and simple glazed. As for donuts: I had my first Krispy Kreme just a few years ago. I have several friends who are Krispy ...

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Au Revoir American Masala

white peaches poached in Lillet Blanc

Am leaving the farm and decided to poach some peaches in Lillet Blanc to leave as a gift to my amazing and generous hosts, Charlie and Suvir. This recipe is the first in TRAIL OF CRUMBS. I love the pairing of Lillet Blanc with fresh lemon verbena. Basil or lemon thyme would be just as ...

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Farm Fresh

buckwheat crepe with creme fraiche, goat cheese and guinea hen eggs

I’m visiting Chef Suvir Saranand his partner, Charlie at their American Masala farm in upstate NY. Suvir has left for a few days, so I’ve been cooking for Charlie, including penne all puttanesca, spaghetti alla carbonara, Indian-spiced rice, doughnuts filled with creme fraiche and blueberries, and this morning…Organic Buckwheat crepes with Charlie’s guinea hen eggs.

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I Dream of Rasika: Washington, DC

Gulab Jamun

I woke up dreaming of Gulab Jamun, a delicious North Indian sweet of fried dough soaked in condensed milk and flavored with rosewater from Rasika in Washington DC, where gulab jamun is served with cardamom-spiced ice cream. Lesson learned: When the maitre d’hotel lovingly offers a dessert sampler, say yes, even if you’ve already had ...

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Sergio, the Montreal Bagel Maker, St. Viateur’s, Canada

Sergio making bagels at St. Viateur's in Montreal, Canada

Meet the hardest working man in the bagel business. At St. Viateur’s in Montreal, Sergio shows me how he makes bagels, boiling the dough in honey water so the sesame seeds will stick. “We make up to 500,000 a day.” Watch the video

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French Kids and Food: la joie totale

pain au chocolat

See more photos and become a fan on the Trail of Crumbs Facebook fan page

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Durham, NC Farmers’ Market

Durham, NC market: Scratch's tarts: Chocolate Sea Salt and Honeysuckle Cream

A few of my favorite things…and some new flavors: chocolate sea salt tart and honeysuckle cream tart…

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Jun I, Montréal: Uni, Funny Maki, and all that Jazz

Chef Jun Ichi (right)

After several days of foie gras and more foie gras, I stopped in at Jun I, a beautiful, simple bar a sushi. Chef Jun Ichi from Kyoto sliced up Salmon with Japanese plum and maple syrup, Kampachi with yuzu miso (a favorite), Artic Char with fresh wasabi and soy, Striped sea bass with ginger, Pernod, ...

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Montréal, Au Pied de Cochon encore…

les asperges au restaurant Au Pied de Cochon, Montreal

I couldn’t help myself…yes, there are so many wonderful restaurants in Montréal, but the giddiness and pure joy that emanates from diners and staff at Au Pied de Cochon is addictive (see previous post). The charming Denis greeted us again and suggested asparagus, and another small portion of poutine (see previous post) as well as ...

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Au Pied de Cochon, Montréal: Poutine, Bites of Sin, and More…

Terrine de foie gras

When I first asked friends where to eat in Montreal, I was told, ordered in fact, to go to Au Pied de Cochon and report back with every drool-worthy detail. The space is abuzz with beautiful people, but, unlike in certain hot spots in Manhattan or L.A., the only ogling was of other people’s plates–foie ...

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Montreal, L’express

Roasted Bone Marrow, gray sea salt, Savoy peek-a-boo cabbage leaves, L'Express, Montreal

First bites at L’Express in Montreal: cornichons and roasted bone marrow

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New Orleans 40th Jazz and Heritage Festival, Wynton Marsalis and Afro-Latin Boogaloo Funk

cochon de lait po-boy and fried oyster spinach salad

Just got back from the first weekend of Jazz Fest 09. Love: –prejean’s pheasant, quail, and andouille gumbo, and the softshell crab po-boy -the cochon de lait po-boy and fried oyster spinach salad -that jazz fest recycles -that Jayne gets us VIP parking and my friend, Joe, actually loved Jazz Fest this year -that people were happy, no talk of recession, ...

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Emeril, Jonathan Adler, India Hicks, Donna Hay, Writing Workshops and more at Studio b, Alys Beach, FL

studiob at the beach, Alys Beach, FL

Photographer Colleen Duffley has a plan b. After lots of hard work and many 2-a.m. emails, she has created Studio b, a playground for the imagination. Studio b is now and up and running. Seminars, classes and workshops with artists and designers and chefs, including India Hicks, Donna Hay, Jonathan Adler, Emeril Lagasse, Tyson Cole, ...

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The Flavors of Florence for ENTREE Magazine

florence for entree magazine

This just came out in ENTREE, the beautiful, glossy magazine for Neiman Marcus INCIRCLE members. Thanks to Alice Doyle and Karen Carroll for this great assignment. In the article, I write about some of my favorite foods in Florence including lusty crostini di fegatini at CAMMILLO, almond granita at CARABE, and pork arista sandwiches at ...

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I “heart” Boulevard Burgers: more San Francisco treats

Boulevard, San Francisco

Everyone has a favorite burger joint–In-and-Out, Pink’s, The Burger Joint, Daniel Boulud’s DB Burger (sirloin, braised short rib, foie gras and black truffle), Shake Shack, New Orleans’ late-night haunt, Port of Call…but when I went to visit my friend, Brian Garrido, in San Francisco he insisted I not leave until I tasted the burger at ...

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I “Heart” Donuts: More San Francisco Treats

Dynamo Donuts

I mentioned San Francisco’s Dynamo Donuts–the apple-maple glazed sprinkled with bacon, in particular, in an earlier blog post. Here are some more photos from that day and one of me feeding Donut-crazed author, John T. Edge. PHOTOS by Thayer Gowdy

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Last bites from le Comptoir du Relais, Paris

Choux Farci (Stuffed Cabbage), Le Comptoir du Relais, Paris

This was part of our last lunch at Le Comptoir du Relais before having to leave for Roissy. Stuffed Cabbage, Camborde-style, and sweetbreads with braised chestnuts and raisins. Roberto had the Poularde facon poule au pot (see post below) and Jennifer went back to her first love, deep and dark fork-tender beef cheeks with elbow ...

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