The Loaf: A Pop-Up Bakery in Spain

The Loaf: A Pop-Up Bakery in Spain

Photo Courtesy The Loaf   The Summer of Bread by Marti Buckley Kilpatrick   It’s almost nine o’clock in the morning, and the yeasty smell of bread baking floats out over the river Urumea, which cuts through the center of San Sebastián, Spain. It’s not an atypical European panorama–baguettes tucked under arms and the smell of a bakery around ...

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New Orleans Food and Wine: Part I of III

Charlie's Seafood

I’ve been in New Orleans for a week doing what I love–eating and drinking, sharing, sipping and toasting. But before you get too jealous, just know that I am experiencing a hint of a crise de foie–leave it to the French to create a name for “liver crisis,” an entirely self-induced malady. However, I do ...

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New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival: First Bites

Brown Jambalaya with chicken and andouille

Here are some first bites from the 2012 Jazz and Heritage Festival in my hometown of New Orleans. I always start with these tastes of home: Brown Jambalaya made by Catering Unlimited; Fried Softshell Crab Po-Boy by Galley Seafood Restaurant; Cochon de Lait Po-Boy by Love at First Bite, and (not pictured) Pheasant, Quail, and ...

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Savoring Puerto Rico: Words and Images

Puerto Rico Slideshow from kim sunee on Vimeo. Some quick fast notes from Puerto Rico: Faded cerulean blue cobblestones Rice and Peas Powder sugar-dusted mallorca and papaya milkshake La Bombonera Jesus from Lares Old man in the doorway Yellow blossoms, achiote Rice and Peas El Yunque, Arabica Oceanside salsa and piña colada Prince, J. Lo, Ricky Martin La ruta del lechon El Morro, San Cristobal Crunchy caramel-colored cuarito Alcapurria, Morcilla, guyabano Saborea! Puerto ...

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The Tuscan Sun Cookbook by Frances Mayes


The gorgeous and lovingly crafted cookbook by Frances and Ed Mayes is finally here. I was very fortunate to spend some time with Frances and Ed and the talented photographer, Steven Rothfeld, as we cooked and photographed recipes for THE TUSCAN SUN COOKBOOK. This collection of recipes is a love letter to the people and food and ...

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Maui Dreaming

Big Beach, Maui

I’ve escaped the mid-winter snowfalls and landed right here, on Maui’s Big Beach, for just a few days. My friend, Angela, calls to remind me that when she left Maui she cried for days. As I sit staring at the ocean with its swells and gigantic turtles, drinking guava juice, eating fresh papaya with lime, slices ...

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Santa Barbara and Darth Vader of the Sea


A perfect day for me is waking up early, basket in tow and heading to a local market, like the one in Santa Barbara. I recently visited friends and we spent a good part of the mornings tasting our way through the various offerings–golden raspberries and local avocado honey, caviar limes (aka Australian finger lime), ...

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Super Tuscan Lessons in Pasta and Crostata

Poet, Ed Mayes, saves the afternoon with a shot of espresso

Here’s a quick video I shot while shooting with Frances Mayes in Tuscany this past October. We spent hours and hours cooking and styling for her upcoming cookbook, The Tuscan Sun Cookbook. Just when we were deliriously tired and didn’t know if we should laugh or cry, Ed (much more charming and handsome than his ...

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Under the Tuscan Sun: 65 pizzas, 75 guests, and 2 tired pizzaioli

the first pizzas of 65....

As we prep for the celebratory Pizza Party (to celebrate 20 years of Frances and Ed in Cortona), I find myself in the kitchen with a sweet Italian man named Ivan and his robust and big-hearted mother, Domenica, who live just up the gravel road at the “House of the Sun.” Together, we make pizza ...

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La Bella Porchetta: the Tuscan Sun Party Continues…


As if we didn’t have enough food with 65 pizzas, endless bottles of wine, and a cake to feed 50 or more, Frances ordered up a whole porchetta from a friend who has a porchetta truck at the Saturday market in Cortona and also in the Porta Colonia parking lot every Wednesday p.m. . The kids ...

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Parma Day 2

prosciutto di Parma in Torta

The Osteria La Maesta in Emilia-Romagna is a lovely family-run open-air eatery where the good life is made of simple, delicious bites and a bottle of Malvasia seco frizzante. Addictive fried puffs of dough called Torta Fritta…

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Parma : Ghirardi Onesto producer of Prosciutto di Parma

Paolo with freshly-showered hams

I was lucky enough to spend the morning inside the Ghirardi Onesto production facility in Langhiarano as a guest of the Consorzio del prosciutto di Parma where, along with Elissa Altman and Rowan Jacobsen, we watched Paolo, the production manager, show us everything from salting the hams to showering (the hams) to testing with a ...

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le club sandwich Italiano

le club sandwich for dessert

Not only did Chef Rossetti pull out all the stops, he also has a tattoo of the prosciutto di Parma crown…on his thigh. He showed it to me on his iphone but would not let me get a photo.

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Afternoon Snack: Chivda, Indian Peanut Trail Mix

Chivda Indian Trail Mix

Suvir Saran decided to toast up some chivda, “Indian Trail Mix” for our book signing at Sundog Books later this afternoon. Thanks to the NATIONAL PEANUT BOARD, we were spoiled with treats–everything from travel peanut butter snacks to delicious ROYAL OAK Peanut Brittle, a favorite of the participating writers.   As he searches for spices, I hear ...

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First Bites: Alaska

Sue, Paul, Neil

From the moment I landed in Alaska, I have been overwhelmed by the abundant and majestic beauty of this other world, which explains why so many have come here from elsewhere and found a place to call home. I was fortunate to spend the day with Sue and Paul–former Atlanta residents–who fell in love with this ...

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Every Day in Tuscany, a new memoir by Frances Mayes

Tuscany in bloom

I was recently honored to write a guest Amazon review for the wonderful new memoir by Frances Mayes. Frances, a poet at heart, is one of the most gracious and generous people I know, and EVERY DAY IN TUSCANY (Broadway Books) is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. EVERY DAY IN ...

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The Floating Island Writers’ Workshop

2010 Floating Island Workshop with Kim Sunee

Last summer, we held our first and very successful writing workshop in Seaside, FL. There were poignant stories, fish tacos, salted caramel cupcakes, wine, Champagne, the sea, a roving gourmand (aka Pableaux) who cooked up red beans and rice, twilight dancing, and so much more. I’ve received many requests to organize more writing workshops at the ...

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Eating L.A.: Osteria Mozza, Street Food and more…

Osteria Mozza, L.A.

Here are some quick tasting notes from a few days spent in L.A.: At Susan Feniger’s Street, I discovered a new (to me) hangover remedy–Singapore-style–Toast spread with thick Kaya (coconut) jam that you dip into runny egg yolk drizzled with soy sauce. Author Pat Tanumihardja is working on a Kaya recipe to share but sent this ...

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