The Tattered Cover

I arrived in the mile high city feeling pretty low–the olive leaf and vitamin c (see photo below) did not want to cooperate with my book tour. But from the minute I arrived in Denver, met by Beth, my absolutely charming media escort (who assured me almost every author on tour gets sick) to the time I left, I felt like a queen for 2 days. First of all, the Hotel Monaco is the perfect place to stay, especially when feeling miserable with a cold or flu or whatever ails you. Laurie, the concierge, made sure I had hot matzoh ball soup (a phoned-in request by a concerned friend) and a humidifier in my room upon arrival. (Just a note: If the altitude hasn’t completely cut your appetite, the hotel restaurant, Panzano–is very good.) The next day, I was supposed to go to Boulder for a radio interview with Diana Korte for Book Talk, but there was no way I could have a conversation without having to blow my nose every 10 seconds. Tony in Guest Services braved the below zero weather and went to Walgreen’s and delivered me my new best friend–Claritin D.

Talking with Diana was soothing–she has the perfect radio voice–and her questions are thoughtful and provocative and she put me in the perfect mood for my signing at The Tattered Cover on Colfax.

This bookshop (there are 3 locations) in Denver is a must-stop on every author’s tour. I was honored to be a guest.

Patti made a beautiful display and took great care of me, as did Charles who made sure I had hot tea earlier in the evening as I signed books for their January Autographed Book Club Selection. Thank you to everyone (including Lisa and Kelley, and Margaret at the Aveda Spa, and Ron who offered to guide me to a restorative cassoulet) in Denver who made my mile high visit one to top.

Patti presenting me with an engraved Tattered Cover Bookmark.
patti tattered cover

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  1. January 22, 2008 8:10 am by paulasusanne Reply

    Hi Kim,

    The picture at the Mulberry Inn is great. I loved getting to talk to you and wish you the best luck with your book and your continued search.

    Could you email me a copy of the picture of the girls.

    Thanks, Paula

  2. February 21, 2008 9:29 pm by k.bklynish Reply

    I’ve only been to Denver once, but I always make it a point to visit bookstores with personality in the cities I visit. I remember the Tattered Cover having a cozy, warm feeling – like when you’re curled up with a quilt on your favorite chair and it’s snowing outside.

    I found your book via the New York Magazine and I can’t wait to read it. Food, travel, and a quest for identity — my all-time favorite topics :)

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