Super Tuscan Lessons in Pasta and Crostata

Here’s a quick video I shot while shooting with Frances Mayes in Tuscany this past October. We spent hours and hours cooking and styling for her upcoming cookbook, The Tuscan Sun Cookbook. Just when we were deliriously tired and didn’t know if we should laugh or cry, Ed (much more charming and handsome than his character in the movie) would appear with a word or poem of the day, and pour wines, offer a smile, and an espresso at just the right moments. Ivan Italiani, a neighbor, also came by to give us a hand with gorgonzola and pear stuffed “full moon” ravioli and his blackberry crostata. Watch how he gathers the dough in one hand and gently unrolls it onto the tart. It’s pure poetry. Click on the bottom right for full screen action.

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  1. October 20, 2010 8:50 am by Jann Reply

    That one-handed action IS smooth! I am a klutz with pastry, even with two hands. Anyway, I’d like a piece of that blackbery crostata right now for breakfast, please.

  2. October 21, 2010 9:25 am by Kristyn Lak Miller Reply


    I just devoured “Trail of Crumbs” – if it were a dish, I would have greedily hunted down every last crumb on my plate. Delicious, and deeply satisfying.

    I’ve added your memoir to my list of favorite reads. As it happens, that lists includes Frances Mayes’ trio of memoirs. A certain literary magic happens when poets enjoy wider margins!

    Aah, how I would have enjoyed joining Ed as your cookbook comic relief. I imagine I’d have full dreams after spending the day with three poets.


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