Spicy Kale Pancakes


Flavors that anchor and make us feel at home continue to haunt and have guided me as a writer and cook.  I was especially reminded of this when I returned to my birth country in 2008 for the Korean-language edition of my first book, “Trail of Crumbs.”  Luckily, I was paired with Seung Hee, a fellow food lover, avid home cook, and U.S.-trained nutritionist who worked as my interpreter.  She also guided me through the city of Seoul, introducing me to vibrant street foods and more traditional fare, making me feel at home in a country that still remains a mystery to me. When she came to visit me in Alaska recently, she fell in love with our farmers markets packed with kale, turnips, and all manner of sweet and fragrant vegetables.

Back in the kitchen with our market goods, we reminisced about some of the food we had eaten together, including these Korean pancakes spiked with gochujang, a lusty chile paste unique to Korean cuisine.  You can find tubs of it in the Asian section of most markets.

For the recipe, please visit Alaska Dispatch News.

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