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Restaurant Zoe's compressed radish salad

Restaurant Zoe’s compressed radish salad


I love Seattle, love the water, the favas and morels on every menu this time of year, fresh crab and oysters…the markets. Spent 3 glorious days and dined at, among other places, Restaurant Zoe and Tom Douglas’ Serious Pie. (You can order the decadent triple coconut cream pie from the bakery next door for dessert.)


a happy man with a serious pie of guanciale with egg


a very serious pie w/guanciale, egg, and arugula


watercress, peas, roasted turnips at Serious Pie

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  1. June 1, 2010 6:22 pm by Pierino Reply

    I love Seattle too. Like a lot. I love everything the Tom Douglas gang touches.

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