Porca Miseria

These are the Italian words Frances Mayes wrote to me yesterday when I emailed that I was sick, sick, sick, and that this was just the beginning of my book tour. Pig Misery or Dirty Pig, either translation is good for the way I’m feeling. For those who think book touring is all glamour, have a look at what I’ve been feasting on the last 24 hours…

porca miseria

The signing and reading at Vroman’s in Pasadena was lovely…thanks to Bill who got me there on time and to Robyn at Vroman’s and to all who came out, especially Todd, Brian, Shelley, Maureen, Gena, Holly, and J-P…great picks on the wine, J-P And next time we’ll do a taste test–Satero vs. Latini???
Off to Denver and Boulder…

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  1. January 15, 2008 8:40 pm by seip Reply

    Merci Kim pour ce bel ouvrage qu’est “Trail of crumbs”!!! Je le devore en ce moment et ca passe bien trop vite. Comme toi a l’epoque, j’ai 25 ans aujourd’hui & pleins de questions.. Je n’ai pas la possibilite de faire un tour du monde pour trouver mes reponses mais je suis sur qu’elles vont venir avec le temps.(peut etre vais je croiser un “Grignon”.lol).Te lire rajoute une petite pierre sur le chemin de ma decouverte interieur..
    En te souhaitant tout le meilleur ,

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