King of Cakes

I’ll always choose salty over sweet and probably hot over sour, but my friend Catie makes the best lemony sugar-topped king cake. Two days before Mardi Gras, she made one and I smuggled half of it into New Orleans to share with other king cake lovers. I loved les galettes des rois when I lived in France. Made of rich buttery puffed layers of pastry and sweet almond paste, I used to buy several miniature versions at a time and never thought I would love another King Cake…but I have found a royal version that’s good enough to keep my heart happy all year long.
Here’s Catie (I know it’s a blurry photo, but it’s the best I could do in the low-lit bustle of Frank Stitt’s Chez FonFon) and her magnificent creation. This is actually a Southern Living recipe. Catie made the cream cheese-filled version. I like this one because the “cake” part is not too sweet and the layers are intensely moist and dense.
catie with king Cake

And here’s the baby…
king cake baby

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  1. February 17, 2008 2:50 pm by gkavaler Reply

    Dear Kim,

    I LOVED your book. In fact I read it over again to try to figure out how you structured it–if you had kept a journal all along or wrote it all from memory later. It would also make a really good movie… I just read “Tuscan Holiday”?, an article in the Feb. issue of Vogue, which reminded me of your story. Have you read it? The cake looks good too, but a little rich for my taste… Are you going to be reading in the Bay Area?

    Can’t wait to read more of your work. A sequel, perhaps???


    Gail Kavaler
    Berkeley, CA

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