Mission Statement



Welcome to kimsunee.com,  a place to celebrate the kind and dedicated people who spend their lives making and offering good food and wine.  Past contributors capture and convey these lives through words and images, offering up generous servings of favorite places to dream and travel, eat and discover.  Throughout, you’ll find recipes tested mostly by me and sometimes by a group of passionate and opinionated recipe testers. You’ll also find poems, essays, and interviews—plus slideshows—on a variety of topics, with an emphasis on food, travel, and home, both as a concrete place as well as wherever the heart may be.  Above all, this is a community for food lovers who take pleasure in the kitchen and on the road. We are feeders, cooks, and travelers, obsessed with the next meal—where to find it, how to grow it, cook it, share it and taste it.

I hope that you’ll come back often and subscribe, take the time to share your recipes and insider tips on where to eat and drink in your favorite places.