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Parma Day 2

prosciutto di Parma in Torta

The Osteria La Maesta in Emilia-Romagna is a lovely family-run open-air eatery where the good life is made of simple, delicious bites and a bottle of Malvasia seco frizzante. Addictive fried puffs of dough called Torta Fritta…

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Parma : Ghirardi Onesto producer of Prosciutto di Parma

Paolo with freshly-showered hams

I was lucky enough to spend the morning inside the Ghirardi Onesto production facility in Langhiarano as a guest of the Consorzio del prosciutto di Parma where, along with Elissa Altman and Rowan Jacobsen, we watched Paolo, the production manager, show us everything from salting the hams to showering (the hams) to testing with a ...

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le club sandwich Italiano

le club sandwich for dessert

Not only did Chef Rossetti pull out all the stops, he also has a tattoo of the prosciutto di Parma crown…on his thigh. He showed it to me on his iphone but would not let me get a photo.

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Summer, Lucini, and the Essence of Amalfi…

photo Dan Schumacher

I’ve been working all week with talented (and hungry) writers in Seaside, FL at the Floating Island Writers’ Workshop. Aside from my editing duties and acting as Camp Director, I’ve been making sure all are well fed. We’ve been able to appreciate fresh local Gulf seafood from Goatfeathers; thankfully, this part of the Gulf hasn’t ...

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