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Afternoon Snack: Chivda, Indian Peanut Trail Mix

Chivda Indian Trail Mix

Suvir Saran decided to toast up some chivda, “Indian Trail Mix” for our book signing at Sundog Books later this afternoon. Thanks to the NATIONAL PEANUT BOARD, we were spoiled with treats–everything from travel peanut butter snacks to delicious ROYAL OAK Peanut Brittle, a favorite of the participating writers.   As he searches for spices, I hear ...

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Yale: Celebrating Our Sweet and Savory Heritage

Yale Master Marvin Chun and Miya's Bun Lai

This is a belated note to say thank you to Yale, Master Marvin Chun of Berkeley College, and students Paulina, Eunju, Jerry, Christine and so many more for hosting a wonderful gathering of students and authors to discuss food, words, and what it means to follow, not what others want for us, but to take ...

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First Bites: Alaska

Sue, Paul, Neil

From the moment I landed in Alaska, I have been overwhelmed by the abundant and majestic beauty of this other world, which explains why so many have come here from elsewhere and found a place to call home. I was fortunate to spend the day with Sue and Paul–former Atlanta residents–who fell in love with this ...

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Seattle Eats and More


  I love Seattle, love the water, the favas and morels on every menu this time of year, fresh crab and oysters…the markets. Spent 3 glorious days and dined at, among other places, Restaurant Zoe and Tom Douglas’ Serious Pie. (You can order the decadent triple coconut cream pie from the bakery next door for dessert.)      

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