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A spoonful of passion


Eating L.A.: Osteria Mozza, Street Food and more…

Osteria Mozza, L.A.

Here are some quick tasting notes from a few days spent in L.A.: At Susan Feniger’s Street, I discovered a new (to me) hangover remedy–Singapore-style–Toast spread with thick Kaya (coconut) jam that you dip into runny egg yolk drizzled with soy sauce. Author Pat Tanumihardja is working on a Kaya recipe to share but sent this ...

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King’s Donuts and Molasses Milkshakes in Cambridge, NY

James King's Molasses Milkshake

This is the best early morning street food I had all summer while in upstate NY visiting friends, Charlie Burd and Suvir Saran, at their American Masala Farm. I wrote about King’s Donuts in Cambridge, NY a few posts ago but have since returned and wanted to share a few more photos: James King, donut maker extraordinaire, ...

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