Archive • February 2008

My Miami Vices

media noche

Media Noche sandwiches and Café Con Leche at Puerto Sagua… What’s in a media noche? Pernil (slow roasted pork shoulder), sliced ham, yellow mustard, Swiss cheese, thinly sliced pickles, and butter pressed between two slices of sweet egg bread. No mayonesa! and media noche sandwiches

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Maira Kalman…One thing is certain

maira kalman

I love her new book a children’s book for adults pages to wander through in the early morning on a winter afternoon when the snow is falling so softly, when your heart is a bit lopsided, when you’ve said it all but no one seems to understand when the words are hard to find this is the book The Principles of Uncertainty

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Tacos y BBQ in North Carolina

la vaquita spread

I’m in Chapel Hill for the Orange County Literacy Benefit, a dedicated group of people who oragnized a first annual Writers for Readers Series. Along with Patricia Marx, Roy Blount, Jr. and Sally Bedell-Smith with Daniel Wallace hosting, I was happy to be invited. They’re all much funnier than I am, but it was an ...

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King of Cakes

king cake baby

I’ll always choose salty over sweet and probably hot over sour, but my friend Catie makes the best lemony sugar-topped king cake. Two days before Mardi Gras, she made one and I smuggled half of it into New Orleans to share with other king cake lovers. I loved les galettes des rois when I lived ...

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